Looking for better health? Happiness? Peace of mind? 

“Nothing is more important than knowing how to circulate and balance the Intrinsic Energy, the Vital Force of the body, known as Chi in Chinese,” says T’ai Chi Chih® founder Justin Stone, who lived to be 95 years old. “The rewards in good health, wisdom, serenity, and longevity are great for the one who learns the ancient principles and applies them in a modern way.”

What is T'ai Chi Chih?
This set of 19 movements and one pose is a soft, flowing, moving meditation practiced by tens of thousands of people around the world. It’s easy to learn and brings benefits to many – including peace of mind, improved health and, simply, joy. Instructional DVDs, photos, texts and classes show you how. More >>

Wide-Ranging Health Benefits
T’ai Chi Chih brings about profound healing for many people by circulating and balancing the essential energy (Chi). For some it may be physical, for others emotional, and others spiritual. Learn more from teachers and students who tell their personal stories here. More >>

In the News
Academic research studies, news reports and stories about teachers and students spread the word about the many benefits of doing T’ai Chi Chih. Find out the latest about this popular practice. More >>

Where in the World?
We often call vacations “get-aways.” One thing most T’ai Chi Chih teachers and students do not want to get away from, however, is daily practice. Why leave the benefits at home? Photos show some of the great locations that serve as TCC practice homes-away-from-home.       More >>

Materials to Support your Practice: Good Karma Publishing
Books and DVDs help new students learn how to do T’ai Chi Chih and help advanced students learn more about the depth of this practice, as explained by Justin Stone, the originator. Order here. More >>

Newsletter: The Vital Force
The Vital Force, the official quarterly journal of T’ai Chi Chih, is a gold mine of tips and inspiration for learning TCC and for enriching one’s practice over time. Articles by teachers from around the world offer encouragement and hands-on “how to’s.” Learn from the generosity of TCC teachers here. More >>