T’ai Chi Chih Teachers

Only those who are accredited may teach T’ai Chi Chih.

To find an accredited T’ai Chi Chih teacher in your area download a PDF list of teachers:

Click here for a PDF sorted by location. (This list is updated every six weeks; see below for dates.)
Click here for a PDF sorted by name. (This list is updated every six weeks; see below for dates.)

Note: Teachers listed in the directory have chosen to be included on this site. Teachers are continually being added, and they self-report their contact information.

**To find an accredited Seijaku teacher in your area, please download the PDF above sorted by location.

Teachers: Please send contact information corrections here.

Web Site Updates
The online calendar and teacher database will be updated within a week of the following deadlines: January 15, March 1, April 15, June 1, July 15, September 1, October 15, December 1.

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