T’ai Chi Chih consists of 19 movements and one pose,
in this order:

Rocking Motion

Bird Flaps Its Wings

Around the Platter

Around the Platter Variation

Bass Drum

Daughter on the Mountaintop

Daughter in the Valley

Carry the Ball to the Side

Push Pull

Pulling in the Energy

Pulling Taffy

Pulling Taffy, Variation #1,  Anchor

Pulling Taffy, Variation #2, Wrist Circles

Pulling Taffy, Variation #3, Perpetual Motion

Working the Pulley

Light at the Top of the Head / Light at the Temple

Joyous Breath

Passing Clouds

Six Healing Sounds

Cosmic Consciousness Pose

Justin Stone demonstrates Working the Pulley.

See more video demonstrations by Justin Stone on Good Karma Publishing’s YouTube channel.

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