Minding Our Minds

Experience is subjective - each of us sees a situation slightly differently. How does our relationship to the Chi influence our perspective? 

TCC e-Newsletter April 2018

Inspiration from The Vital Force 

This month: Minding Our Minds

“For each state of mind there is a corresponding character of Chi and, in turn, each aspect of Chi influences the state of mind.”

– Justin F. Stone, TCC Originator


This e-newsletter offers inspiration between quarterly issues of the T'ai Chi Chih (TCC) journal, The Vital Force. TCC is a series of 19 movements and one pose, a moving meditation practice that helps circulate the Vital Energy, the Chi. Practitioners experience peace, health benefits and more. 


Quotations from the most recent issue of The Vital Force

Discipline of Gratitude: “Five years ago my husband was recovering from surgery to save his life from cancer.... His recovery was short-lived, and he died three months later. I have been paying attention to my life's new direction. I have three fabulous children married to wonderful people. I have four amazing grandchildren who fill me with joy. I am thankful for what I have in my life and that I continued to live. Now I have the opportunity to refocus, and live purposefully with a discipline of gratitude, finding the good in life. It's my responsibility to bring light where there is darkness, healing where there is pain, and joy where there is sorrow.” – SB, Richfield, MN

. . . . .

Effort of No Effort: "No thought, no mind, no problems. Focusing on the soles of the feet. Yinning and yanging, one leg in emptiness while the other leg full. Emptiness of weight. Weightlessness in the forward and back movements. Flowing from the tan t'ien. No effort, a slow steady swim through air." – KL with DM, Wildwood, IL

. . . . .

Empty Cup: "In Heightened Awareness, Justin Stone writes: 'For one to follow the methods of the book in working toward heightened awareness ... it is necessary to "empty the cup." A full cup will hold no more.' I considered what I'd like to remove from my cup (fear, worry, envy, resentment, anger, disappointment, busyness) to make room for gratitude, love, sharing. Then i realize my error. Again, my cup fills, this time with anticipation, expectation, a prelude to disappointment. By seeking, I may miss what (if anything) comes. Better to be empty." – GG with DM, Wildwood, IL

. . . . .

Interrelatedness: "It may be difficult for some to understand how the outer and the inner are related and how the circumstances of our lives can be affected by the quality of the Chi. But unless one feels that all life is an accident and all events coincidental and without cause, it would be relatively simple to comprehend..(how) all things are intertwined (and) the interrelatedness of all life." – Justin F. Stone 

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Gratitude - A practice that leads to joy

"If you want a happy life, be grateful," Justin Stone, founder of T'ai Chi Chih, used to say frequently. This simple practice brings deep and profound results - including, yes, joy.

After Justin died in 2012, an outpouring of gratitude from TCC students and teachers from around the globe followed. As many in the U.S. celebrate Thanksgiving this week, here's a sample of grateful tributes:

Would that he could have stayed here forever … but that is not the way. Justin’s gift, T’ai Chi Chih, will continue to serve as we continue to practice. Thank you, and blessings on your journey. -- Diana Daffner

The T’ai Chi Chih community will miss Justin very much. There will be many more teachers and students who will continue to practise and teach this life enhancing, loving meditation now and in the future. We owe great thanks to this very special man. Special thoughts are with those closest to him…lots of love to you Justin x -- Tracy Gibbons

Thank you, Justin. Your chi is still in the universe, and we will continue to share you and T’ai Chi Chih with all we meet. What love! -- Terry Slaney

The core of my life has been softened by continued mastering of the gentle movements of the inner discipline called 'T’ai Chi Chih: Joy Thru Movement.' Your legacy to humankind will be passed on by the crowning “jewels of T’ai Chi Chih" – its teachers. Thank you, Justin. With deep respect. -- Rose J. Alvarez-Diosdado

I never planned to be a teacher, but the Universe provides us a path if we chose to follow. After learning and practicing T’ai Chi Chih I began wanting to be of service to others by sharing the peace and joy through movement I have found when doing T’ai Chi Chih. When I went to Teacher Training and met Justin I was moved and inspired by his desire that T’ai Chi Chih not become a business, that it is a gift to humanity. I honor this wish through my volunteer teaching of T’ai Chi Chih, and I am thankful we have been blessed to have had Justin as our Guide and Leader for so many years. May we all continue to honor his gift to humanity through our practices of T’ai Chi Chih. -- May Swanson

I experience a long list of health and personal benefits. T’ai Chi Chih brightens me, my family and those I touch each day. Many thanks to Justin and the teachers of T’ai Chi Chih.

T’ai Chi Chih practice feels like the truth of who we are. It’s a gift that keeps on teaching and giving, and so the gratitude continues. -- Carol Spicer