Flowing & Growing in Chi

The January 2019 issue of our free e-newsletter shares inspiring stories from people who practice TCC.

Inspiration from The Vital Force 

This month: Flowing and growing in Chi

"Secure in faith, one can wait patiently and the inevitable will arrive.”

– Justin F. Stone, TCC Originator


This e-newsletter offers inspiration between quarterly issues of the T'ai Chi Chih (TCC) journal,The Vital Force. TCC is a series of 19 movements and one pose, a moving meditation practice that helps circulate the Vital Energy, theChi. Practitioners of TCC experience peace, health benefits and more. 


From a recent issue of The Vital Force:

"Justin always flowed. This was especially evident when he did T’ai Chi Chih. He flowed doing the movements, and joy poured forth. Flowing means moving in sync with the natural flow of the energy – not trying to make the movements happen, just going with them. Going with the flow. You might ask, ‘How do you do that?’ By grounding. Grounding is absolutely essential…. Grounding is the key to flowing. That's when T’ai Chi Chih is doing T’ai Chi Chih.…

“Now that we have an idea about how to flow, what is emptiness? In short, one might say that emptiness is void of our self-made limitations. Emptiness is full of love. It is wholeness, limitless possibilities, all the goodness there is. With this awareness, flowing from emptiness (or you might say flowing through emptiness) is exciting. There is no lack. There is wholeness and connection, abundance and gratitude. What a great way to practice TCC, flowing from emptiness." – DW, Albuquerque, NM

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“This has been a long season of loss. Within the last three years, I’ve experienced the deaths of my parents, the destruction of our home by fire, and the long illnesses and death of my dear husband Jack. I have such gratitude to Justin and my teachers for the gift of T’ai Chi Chih. It has given me life throughout the turmoil: grounding and calming, allowing better judgement, decision-making, perspective and energy. TCC allows me to feel gratitude and to rest in love. Justin’s observations speak to me profoundly." – DA, Arroyo Grande, CA

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“Live in the present with gratitude.”  – Justin F. Stone in Spiritual Odyssey

“Nothing is permanent ... change is inevitable.” – Justin F. Stone in Heightened Awareness

“To want what we cannot have, to ask that we sustain what is unsustainable, and to demand that the law of continuous change be somehow annulled is to invite unhappiness.” – Justin F. Stone in Climb the Joyous Mountain

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